Superwinch Winches


We've been at this for over 45 years and we continue to pour over the engineering, design, testing and manufacturing process to uncover new benefits for our users.  Building on four continents, Superwinch is a global powerhouse in the winch game and we're not giving up anytime soon.  Here's a look at our consumer winches or you can click to visit our industrial collection.

Superwinch holds the distinction of being the very first winch company to offer synthetic rope on a winch and we've not stopped there. Superwinch is also the first to recognize synthetic rope requires a rethinking of winch design: drums need to be stronger, heat-generating brakes need to be moved and insuring the quality of the rope must be job #1. Superwinch continues to lead in product innovation.







 Superwinch is pioneering smarter winches with our new ROAM smartphone winch command system. ROAM unleashes the power in your winch with smart sensors that are networked from your winch to your smartphone providing you instant, actionable data to keep your winch performing. As you might expect, patents pending.


Ready to see what Superwinch has in store for you?  Click on an application below and get ready to be impressed: