Superwinch Portable Winches

Get the flexibility and versatility that only a Superwinch portable winch can offer.  
Capable of monster pulls, these winches are at home in a vehicle trunk, pick up bed, trailer, and everywhere in between.

The Superwinch Winch2Go is the ultimate utility winch. Designed to be portable or mountable, the Winch2Go is capable of pulling over 8,000lbs and haul all needed winching gear wherever you go.
The Superwinch Winch-in-a-Bag is a patented portable winching solution. Capable of winching up to 2,500lbs, you won't believe such a small winch can pull so much! Like it's sibling, Winch2Go, the Winch-in-a-bag includes all you need to get the winching job done.

  • Up to 8,000lbs capacity (*using included gear)
  • Includes winching gear: straps, shackles, pulley block and gloves
  • Comes with either light synthetic rope or aircraft-grade steel cable